The Five Pillars

The Five Pillars

High Expectations

The Academy has well-defined, observable expectations for academic achievement and conduct. Every student is expected to be successful. Excuses for marginal performance based upon a student’s background are never accepted.

More Time in the Classroom Learning

When it comes to helping student to succeed academically, there are no shortcuts. The additional hour a day spent in focusing on core subjects like reading, writing, math and science,  give Academy students a strong foundation to acquire the knowledge, skills, and character traits critical to success in rigorous high school programs, and through to admission to competitive universities.

Authority to Lead

The principal who has responsibility for the Los Pen Academy has been given substantial control over budget, curriculum, and personnel issues. This is essential when providing leadership to a program that moves far beyond the status quo when testing the possibilities of student potential.

Choice & Commitment

Student, parents, and teachers have chosen to be at this school. No one is forced to attend or participate. Everyone must make and uphold a commitment to the school and to each other, and agree to dedicate the time and effort necessary to achieve success.


Focus on Results

The Los Pen Academy focuses relentlessly on results. All students are expected to achieve, and excuses are never made based upon demographics. Hard work, responsible behavior, and persistence are valued above perceptions of native ability. Student achievement, as measured by tests and other objective standards, is expected to significantly outperform district averages.