What Others Are Saying:

“Los Pen Academy and its ‘whatever-it-takes’ philosophy is proving that new ways to approaching education can guarantee success for each and every student. I encourage parents, teachers and students throughout San Diego to pay close attention to what Los Pen Academy is doing. Their spirit of innovation and commitment should serve as an example to us all.”
– Nathan Fletcher, California State Assembly, District 75

“Los Pen Academy opened my eyes and showed me how hard work and dedication go a long way. A college-bound foundation is so important. The extra time spent in class was the first step to appreciating how one must work hard, invest the time and focus on the long-term goal.”

– Gemma, Class of 2001

“My experience at Los Pen Academy really helped me gain my sense of ambition. It was at the Academy that I first became appreciative of education and looked forward to learning. Now in high school, I maintain a consistent 4.3 GPA, and have made it into the top 10 GPA for my sophomore class. I am a member of the Key Club and CSF (California Scholarship Federation) and plan to apply for the International Baccalaureate program as a junior. I aspire to attend UCLA, and hope to gain a medical degree to start my own pharmacy. Los Pen Academy taught me to always plan ahead for the future and set high goals.”
– Jeein, Class of 2005

I cannot say enough great things about Los Pen Academy. The staff there, from the principal on down, is COMMITTED to education. I didn’t know how effective teaching could be My son is getting the absolute BEST learning experience we could have hoped for. Every aspect of this school is above top notch. I cannot believe that a public school can be run this well, but I guess when everyone is on the same page it DOES! Their focus all students going to college, and their No Excuses University philosophy is amazing. Our son already talks about what he wants to do in college. This school should be held up as a standard to which all others should work to meet. We are so appreciative of all that Los Pen has brought to our son’s education and to his future. Thank you!

I have met some of the most dedicated teachers at this school and am proud to be a parent of a student at Los Pen Academy.

Los Pen Academy is amazing and has made a very positive impact in my son’s life. They are caring and supportive, and strive for building responsible young people. It is really quite wonderful!

Los Pen Academy is a great school where teachers work together to help students enjoy learning.

Every single person I have interacted with, the parents, the teachers, the administration, is excellent. I cannot think of one negative thing to say about the school. If I am blessed enough to have another child, I will go out of my way to make sure that he/she ends up at Los Pen Academy!