What is different between the Academy program and a traditional program?

  • The Academy program offers an extended school day to spend more time on the core academic subjects:  Reading, Writing, Math, Social Studies and Science.  We also use our extended time to incorporate more team building activities to build a sense of camaraderie among our students.

 Is this a GATE magnet?

  • We are not a GATE magnet program.  We accept students with all academic backgrounds.

Can students with an IEP join?

  • The Academy is a general education program.  We accept all students provided a students needs can be met in a general education setting. This includes students who receive RSP, speech, and other DIS services.

Can English Language Learners join? 

  •  We accept all students provided that we can supply them with necessary support required.

Can students who are currently below grade level join?

  • Absolutely!  We feel that the extra time put in by the students and staff helps support students who have struggled academically.

Is this a technology or art focused program?

  • No, we incorporate technology and art into our program, but it is not our focus.

Are students screened before the lottery?

  • No, the only requirements are that your family attends one of the Information Nights, is willing to sign the Academy contract and adheres to the provisions in the contract.  At Information Night, families receive a copy of our Academy contract and both the parent/guardians and student must willing to sign and follow the guidelines in the contract.  Joining the Academy cannot be just a parental decision.

 Do we look at their academic or behavioral history before you join the Academy?

  • No.  We accept any family who is willing to sign and uphold the Academy contract throughout the school year.

How is the lottery conducted?

  • After the conclusion of our informational nights, all interested students have their name submitted into a database.  Then, PUSD conducts an automated lottery similar to the system used at D-39.